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We’re a manufacturer of a wide variety of Sheet Metal Engineering and Fabrication Services

Near Bahra University, Waknaghat



Things We Can Do

We design and fabricate products as per the customer’s requirements. Our skilled staff can ably work according to technical drawings within close tolerances to meet the industrial standards for our projects. Our client-centric approach, on-time delivery, and clear dealings make us the favored choice for our customers.

What We Look For

We strive for two things, quality work and on time delivery. Our expertise in the fabrication sphere allows us to manufacture various products and services at reasonable prices. We understand that communication, product quality and on-time delivery is the key to customer’s heart and we strive to give the best to our clients.

Service we offer you from our company

The facility is loaded with high tech machines for CNC Laser cutting, Roof sheet making, welding, fabrication and painting. We also provide manufacturing/engineering consulting. We also provide estimation of roof sheets in Shimla and Solan region and help provide fabrication services using our vast channel of welders in locality


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